What is ONDC? 5 Points You Must Know About The Open Network for Digital Commerce.

what is ONDC
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Struggling with What is ONDC? Open Network for Digital Commerce is a new platform initiated by India to level the competition in ecommerce market. Start learning about ONDC Today!

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1. What is ONDC

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a new ambitious project initiated by the Government of India with an aims to build a shared digital infrastructure for the entire e-commerce ecosystem. This new platform will provide a secure and reliable infrastructure for online businesses, allowing them to exchange goods and services with ease over a single network. It is being touted as “UPI of Ecommerce Industry” as well as “One Shop For All” of your purchasing requirements.

ONDC is designed to be an open and interoperable network, which means that any participant in the e-commerce ecosystem can readily connect to the network and take advantage of its features and services. The network will provide a range of services, including e-commerce registration, cataloguing, order management, payments, logistics, and customer support.

2. Example of How ONDC will work?

Let’s say there is a small business in India that wants to sell its products online. Currently, that small business would need to set up a website, integrate with multiple payment gateways, logistics providers, and comply with various regulations. This can be a time-consuming and costly process.

  • With ONDC, the small business owner can simply register on the platform and create a digital storefront. The business can then choose from and integrate with various payment gateways and logistics providers registered with the ONDC platform, which will provide a single point of integration for all transactions.
  • Customers can then browse the business’s products on the ONDC platform and make purchases using their preferred payment method.
  • The order will then be fulfilled by the logistics provider that the customer chooses and the seller will receive the payment through the payment gateway provider.

In the longer run ONDC will look to integrate ecommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, Zomato, OLA, Uber and many more, and all these different industry online players into a single ecommerce ecosystem with one unified network for all ecommerce solution under the umbrella of ONDC platform.

3. What is the purpose of ONDC

The main purpose of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is to facilitate and enable all buyers, sellers, and logistical players to operate in an open, transparent and uniform network environment. From a merchant’s perspective, ONDC will open opportunity for pan-India discoverability and a multitude of logistics partners to choose from network all that for a minimal commission.

At the same time, it will help buyers improve their decision-making by giving them access to hundreds of products and sellers to choose from by comparing their prices, features and reviews of all available sellers from different platforms in one place.

The ONDC initiative is expected to bring several key benefits to the e-commerce here are some of the advantages of ONDC or Open Network for Digital Commerce.

1. Lower transaction costs: ONDC will provide a single platform for all e-commerce transactions, which will reduce the costs associated with multiple integrations and transactions.

2. Faster delivery times: By integrating all stakeholders on a single platform, ONDC will enable faster and more efficient order processing and delivery.

3. Improved customer experience: ONDC will provide a seamless and integrated e-commerce experience for customers, enabling them to shop and transact more easily and conveniently.

4. Increased transparency and security: ONDC will provide a secure and transparent platform for e-commerce transactions, which will help to build trust and confidence among customers and other stakeholders in the industry.

5. Promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship: By reducing the barriers to entry for new players in the e-commerce industry, ONDC is expected to promote healthy competition and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

Overall, the main purpose of ONDC is to create a level playing field for all stakeholders in the e-commerce ecosystem and drive growth and development in the industry. It is a key initiative by the Government of India to promote digital commerce and create a more inclusive and vibrant economy.

4. Who is the Authoritative Body of ONDC

ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) is an initiative by the Government of India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The platform is being developed and managed by the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) in collaboration with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). As such, the authoritative body of ONDC is the Government of India through its Ministry of Commerce and Industry and DPIIT.

5. How will ONDC change the ecommerce landscape in India

ONDC is slated to shakeup the India’s ecommerce industry big time. Open-source Network Development Corporation (ONDC) is creating a level playing field for all small and mid-sized businesses. ONDC’s open-source platform allows for easy setup and management of online stores, enabling businesses to increase their reach and sales without expensive setup fees.

This initiative is benefit millions of entrepreneurs across India by providing them with an affordable online presence that can compete with larger companies. ONDC will democratise e-commerce, by levelling the playing field for SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs.

ONDC is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape with its open-source protocols. It is helping to create a level playing field for small businesses by providing them with access to technologies and processes that are typically only available to larger, ecommerce companies. This will help promote healthy competition in the industry and prevent monopolies from forming. ONDC’s open-source protocols are sure to benefit small businesses in the long run.

ONDC is pushing us in a new era of e-commerce, one that is powered by interoperability and decentralization. This shift will enable equal opportunities for everyone to participate in India’s digital economy. ONDC will transition the current operator-driven platform-centric model into a facilitator-driven decentralized network, allowing for an open and secure environment where all actors can take part. ONDC is a revolutionary initiative by government of India that seeks to level the playing field for digital commerce and transform the e-commerce landscape in India. ONDC offers a unique opportunity for businesses to grow and succeed in today’s competitive market.

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